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A card with rounded edges. In the left margin sideways print reads 'Photographed and Published by J. Gurney & Son, 5th Ave. Cor. 16th St. New York'. On the card a photograph of an ageing man in duplicate side-by-side. He stands, his left hand on his hip and right on the back of a chair. He is dressed in a wide sleeved robe, a waistcoat embellished with a watch and chain, a collared shirt, necktie and trousers. The photograph shows him to the thigh. He gazes to the left of the camera with neutral expression. He is balding with greying wiry hair curling at his temples, a moustache, and beard with clean shaven sideburns.
A stereoscopic photograph of Charles Dickens in later life published by J. Gurney and Son
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