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A colour illustration of a large hall. A vast golden chandelier hangs from the high ceiling. The room is lit by its candles and other candles on sconces. Three large arched windows on the end wall show that it is dark outside. The hall has mezzanine galleries to the left and right and tiered bench seating with green cushions below. In the flat centre of the room is a very large table draped in green. Three men in white wigs and dressed in black are writing there. There is a golden staff laid at the front of the table. A man in a wig and gown sits on a large wooden chair leaning on its arms. The back of the chair is very tall and ornately carved topped with a golden royal crest and several bright candles on sconces. The tiered seating is full of men dressed in various colours, some with wigs or hats and some without. Men lean over the upper left balcony. A man is standing to the right of the large table gesturing with his arms as though speaking.
An illustration of the House of Commons

A photostat of a shorthand memo. Three paragraphs of Brachygraphy characters arranged across nine lines.
A shorthand memo in which Dickens outlines his reasons for declining Lovejoy's proposal to stand for a seat in Parliament. The surviving longhand letter is dated 31 May 1841.

Dickens the Parliamentary Reporter.wav
Reading of an extract from Dickens's 1865 ‘Speech to the Newspaper Press Fund’, in which he describes his experiences of parliamentary reporting
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