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A black and white illustration. In the foreground a small wooden rowing boat is being rowed by a young woman with dark hair blowing in the wind. She wears a simple dress and a cloak and is looking over her shoulder as she raises the oars out of the water. A man is at the back of the boat crouched with one hand on each side. He has a dark grizzly beard and hair. He is dressed in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up and trousers. In the background of the picture is a skyline of tall buildings and a church spire with tall ships in port in front. Another small rowing boat is coming in to frame from the left.
'The Bird of Prey' illustration taken from Our Mutual Friend

A colour illustration of a large hall. A vast golden chandelier hangs from the high ceiling. The room is lit by its candles and other candles on sconces. Three large arched windows on the end wall show that it is dark outside. The hall has mezzanine galleries to the left and right and tiered bench seating with green cushions below. In the flat centre of the room is a very large table draped in green. Three men in white wigs and dressed in black are writing there. There is a golden staff laid at the front of the table. A man in a wig and gown sits on a large wooden chair leaning on its arms. The back of the chair is very tall and ornately carved topped with a golden royal crest and several bright candles on sconces. The tiered seating is full of men dressed in various colours, some with wigs or hats and some without. Men lean over the upper left balcony. A man is standing to the right of the large table gesturing with his arms as though speaking.
An illustration of the House of Commons

A black and white illustration on a book page. The illustration is of a man with a rounded face. He is wearing a white wig, necktie, waistcoat and jacket. He is smiling with mouth closed. His portrait is illustrated in an oval decorative frame. Beneath the frame are depictions of books, papers and a pen and ink stand. At the bottom of the illustration are the words 'Thomas Gurney' separated by a crest.
A portrait of Thomas Gurney, inventor of the Gurney shorthand system.

The double page spread of a book. On the right hand page illustrated writing reads 'The Chimes A Goblin Story'. The letters in 'The Chimes' are made up of tiny bell shapes. The letters of 'Goblin Story' are formed by illustrations of tiny Goblins. Ornamental writing, parts gothic in style, give the subtitle and author. The page is decorated with ivy and images of spirits floating across clouds. On the left page is an illustration of an ornamental stone bell tower. A goblin sits on top of the tower and spirits like naked young women rush from the five ringing bells. Another goblin sits on top of the largest of the bells. Four cherubim hold the bell ropes at the bottom of the illustration. Both pages have the artist's signature and the right has the publisher's name printed at the bottom.
Illustrated frontispiece and title page by Daniel Maclise from The Chimes

A black and white illustration on a book page. A room decorated with framed pictures, busts, and birdcages, lit by two candles. One candle sits on the mantlepiece and another on a table next to which, to the left of the illustration, is seated a young, smartly dressed man. He has a pencil in his mouth and is writing with another pencil in a notepad he holds in his hand. His legs are crossed and he leans toward the candle as if to work by its light. A pile of books are on the floor by his chair. Centrally seated is an older lady, her face framed by a frilled cap. Her hands are clasped together in her lap and an open book has been placed pages down on her knees. A cat occupies a chair to her right and then an older man is seated, hands clasped in a pointing motion, a cloth lying over one knee. A hat and cane are propped on another chair next to him. Another man with hair pulled up by the roots stands before the table, one arm raised emphatically, the other hand holding a book. One foot is leaving the ground as if the man is pacing. A pile of books and papers topped with a top hat are on the floor in the foreground of the illustration.
Illustration by Phiz of David learning shorthand from chapter 38 of David Copperfield

A black and white illustration from a book. The page shows age markings. A boisterous classroom full of more than forty boys in identical dress and with similar haircuts. A stern, slender man stands behind the raised teacher's desk at the front left leaving his stool vacant. A young man who appears older than all the other boys stands in the centre of the chaotic classroom, adopting a proud pose. Two large men are entering the scene from a door on the right. At the front a boy has lifted his bench to slide another boy onto the floor. Books, marbles and other items litter the floor.
Illustration of Steerforth and Mr Mell from David Copperfield

An age-marked page from a book. In the top centre of the page, ornamental illustrated writing reads 'David Copperfield by Charles Dickens'. A black and white illustration below shows a moody, billowing cloudy sky over a choppy sea. Seagulls fly above it. On the shore a large upturned wooden boat is topped with a washing line of clothes blowing in the wind and a smoking chimney. The boat is surrounded by scattered nets, crates, fishing pots and barrels. A young girl sits in the foreground by a pile of pots, ropes, sheets and such. She is barefoot and wearing a simple dress. Her hair is tousled by the wind. She rests one hand in her lap and the other flat on the ground. At the bottom of the page in small plain print are the details of the publisher.
Illustrated vignette title page from David Copperfield

A page from a book. A box containing a black and white illustration takes up half of the page. Two short columns of printed text appear above and below the illustration. At the top of the page the heading reads 'MR. BOLTER AND FRIEND' and indicates the page number, 151. In the illustration a young man stands on a platform in the centre, hands on hips, knee slightly raised. A policeman stands on the floor to his right; he gestures with a right fist thumb out and holds his hat under his other arm. To the right, six ladies and gentlemen, with the implication of more behind them, lean over a wooden panelled seating area. To the left, an older man sits on a carved high back chair at a high bench. Four men work at desks below. One man is writing, one is hunched over the desk and two stand behind a slanted desk covered in papers.
An illustration of the Artful Dodger in court from the Household Edition of Oliver Twist

A colour illustration of a large hall with flagstone floor. Three groups of men and ladies stand or sit around the edges of the room. They face a set of three archways beyond which is an ante-chamber flooded with light from large windows behind. Through the central archway is a horseshoe shaped bench. Stairs leading to the bench are set within the smaller archways to either side. A judge sits at the head of the bench beneath the Royal coat of arms with six men dressed in red and wearing wigs to either side. There is a large desk set within the bench, around which ten men in black robes and white stoles are sat. A man in plain clothes leans against the desk. The room is decorated with insignia and wooden panelling.
An illustration of proceedings at Doctors' Commons

A print of a drawing of an empty wooden chair in the centre of a room. The chair stands behind a large desk with a writing slope, ink-well, letter rack, papers and pen. The desk is set in a bay window to the left. To the right stands another table laden with books and a lamp. The back of the drawing shows library-style shelves, a ladder and a low comfortable chair. In the right hand bottom corner of the drawing is written, in decorative handwriting, the title and date. The reproduction artist's signature is in the bottom left with credit to the original artist. Printed below is the title, artist name, and a quote which reads 'He whom we mourn was the friend of mankind, a philanthropist in the true sense'- Sermon on Dickens by Prof. Jowett in Westminster Abbey.
A sketch based on Luke Fildes's watercolour The Empty Chair by F. G. Kitton
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