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The double page spread of a book. On the right hand page illustrated writing reads 'The Chimes A Goblin Story'. The letters in 'The Chimes' are made up of tiny bell shapes. The letters of 'Goblin Story' are formed by illustrations of tiny Goblins. Ornamental writing, parts gothic in style, give the subtitle and author. The page is decorated with ivy and images of spirits floating across clouds. On the left page is an illustration of an ornamental stone bell tower. A goblin sits on top of the tower and spirits like naked young women rush from the five ringing bells. Another goblin sits on top of the largest of the bells. Four cherubim hold the bell ropes at the bottom of the illustration. Both pages have the artist's signature and the right has the publisher's name printed at the bottom.
Illustrated frontispiece and title page by Daniel Maclise from The Chimes

A black and white illustration on a book page. The illustration is of a man with a rounded face. He is wearing a white wig, necktie, waistcoat and jacket. He is smiling with mouth closed. His portrait is illustrated in an oval decorative frame. Beneath the frame are depictions of books, papers and a pen and ink stand. At the bottom of the illustration are the words 'Thomas Gurney' separated by a crest.
A portrait of Thomas Gurney, inventor of the Gurney shorthand system.
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