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A print of a drawing of an empty wooden chair in the centre of a room. The chair stands behind a large desk with a writing slope, ink-well, letter rack, papers and pen. The desk is set in a bay window to the left. To the right stands another table laden with books and a lamp. The back of the drawing shows library-style shelves, a ladder and a low comfortable chair. In the right hand bottom corner of the drawing is written, in decorative handwriting, the title and date. The reproduction artist's signature is in the bottom left with credit to the original artist. Printed below is the title, artist name, and a quote which reads 'He whom we mourn was the friend of mankind, a philanthropist in the true sense'- Sermon on Dickens by Prof. Jowett in Westminster Abbey.
A sketch based on Luke Fildes's watercolour The Empty Chair by F. G. Kitton
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