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A page from a book. A box containing a black and white illustration takes up half of the page. Two short columns of printed text appear above and below the illustration. At the top of the page the heading reads 'MR. BOLTER AND FRIEND' and indicates the page number, 151. In the illustration a young man stands on a platform in the centre, hands on hips, knee slightly raised. A policeman stands on the floor to his right; he gestures with a right fist thumb out and holds his hat under his other arm. To the right, six ladies and gentlemen, with the implication of more behind them, lean over a wooden panelled seating area. To the left, an older man sits on a carved high back chair at a high bench. Four men work at desks below. One man is writing, one is hunched over the desk and two stand behind a slanted desk covered in papers.
An illustration of the Artful Dodger in court from the Household Edition of Oliver Twist
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