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A black and white graphic map with two coloured route lines. A thick line indicates the River Thames curving across the right hand corner. Black images of ravens mark Norfolk Street in the top left and the Houses of Parliament in the bottom centre next to the Thames. In the top right of the map, ravens mark Furnival's Inn, the Old Bailey, Bell Yard and Doctors' Commons. A red dotted line marks a route from Norfolk Street to the Old Bailey and Doctors Commons. A blue dotted line marks a route from Furnival's Inn to the Houses of Parliament.
A map of Dickens's routes from his residences in Norfolk Street and Furnival's Inn to the places associated with his early shorthand career

The street view of a terraced house. The ground floor of the house has been painted white. To the left is a dark blue door with a brass letterbox and a sunburst window above. To the right is a tall rectangular window. The rest of the house is bare brown brick. There are two further floors above, indicated by two rows of pairs of large sash windows. A fourth floor is indicated by two smaller sash windows that meet the white roof line. A blue circular plaque is affixed to the wall centrally above the door and window of the ground floor. The edges of neighboring terraced homes and some street furniture are visible.
A modern photograph of the facade of Dickens's home in Norfolk Street, London

A pencil sketch on paper of a large end of terrace Victorian townhouse. A woman in Victorian costume is approaching the porticoed door. The left foreground features a clump of small trees on grass. To the right of the townhouse similar homes imply an adjacent street. In the left bottom corner is written ‘Tavistock House’ along with the date and artist’s signature.
A pencil sketch by F. G. Kitton of Tavistock House and immediate surroundings
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