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A sheet of paper that shows fold lines in half horizontally and vertically. A red catalogue stamp just off centre. In the top right quarter, handwritten in ink, are details about the subject matter: 'Oliver Twist copy letter [...] Bentley from Forster October 22nd 1838'.
Verso side of Dickens's shorthand copy of a letter, containing details about the subject matter in longhand

A sheet of paper with nine lines of Brachygraphy shorthand handwritten in ink, occasionally interspersed by Roman letters ('B', 'OT', 'D'). The characters are arranged in three paragraphs. Beneath, to the left, is signed 'Bentley' with the date.
Dickens's shorthand copy of a letter from John Forster to Richard Bentley, proposing that Bentley come to a new agreement with Dickens
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