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A black and white illustration on a book page. A room decorated with framed pictures, busts, and birdcages, lit by two candles. One candle sits on the mantlepiece and another on a table next to which, to the left of the illustration, is seated a young, smartly dressed man. He has a pencil in his mouth and is writing with another pencil in a notepad he holds in his hand. His legs are crossed and he leans toward the candle as if to work by its light. A pile of books are on the floor by his chair. Centrally seated is an older lady, her face framed by a frilled cap. Her hands are clasped together in her lap and an open book has been placed pages down on her knees. A cat occupies a chair to her right and then an older man is seated, hands clasped in a pointing motion, a cloth lying over one knee. A hat and cane are propped on another chair next to him. Another man with hair pulled up by the roots stands before the table, one arm raised emphatically, the other hand holding a book. One foot is leaving the ground as if the man is pacing. A pile of books and papers topped with a top hat are on the floor in the foreground of the illustration.
Illustration by Phiz of David learning shorthand from chapter 38 of David Copperfield

A black and white illustration from a book. The page shows age markings. A boisterous classroom full of more than forty boys in identical dress and with similar haircuts. A stern, slender man stands behind the raised teacher's desk at the front left leaving his stool vacant. A young man who appears older than all the other boys stands in the centre of the chaotic classroom, adopting a proud pose. Two large men are entering the scene from a door on the right. At the front a boy has lifted his bench to slide another boy onto the floor. Books, marbles and other items litter the floor.
Illustration of Steerforth and Mr Mell from David Copperfield

An age-marked page from a book. In the top centre of the page, ornamental illustrated writing reads 'David Copperfield by Charles Dickens'. A black and white illustration below shows a moody, billowing cloudy sky over a choppy sea. Seagulls fly above it. On the shore a large upturned wooden boat is topped with a washing line of clothes blowing in the wind and a smoking chimney. The boat is surrounded by scattered nets, crates, fishing pots and barrels. A young girl sits in the foreground by a pile of pots, ropes, sheets and such. She is barefoot and wearing a simple dress. Her hair is tousled by the wind. She rests one hand in her lap and the other flat on the ground. At the bottom of the page in small plain print are the details of the publisher.
Illustrated vignette title page from David Copperfield
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