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A page in a book. The paper shows age staining. On the page is printed a table divided into four columns, with the first column further subdivided in two. Above the table is the number one in brackets. The table has three headings: 'Alphabet', 'Letters' and 'Words'. A slim column on the far left shows simple Brachygraphy symbols. The second column shows alphabet characters and words that the symbol can also stand for. The next column provides examples of the Gurney spellings of words, eliminating duplicate letters and internal vowels (i.e. 'assault' becomes 'aslt'). The next column spells the word out using joined shorthand symbols. The final column translates the joined shorthand character back into a longhand word.
A table of shorthand symbols for letters of the alphabet, words that the same symbols can stand for, and spelt characters

A page in a book. The paper shows age staining. On the page is printed a table. Above the table is the number three in brackets. The table is headed 'Arbitrary Characters for Prepositions and Terminations &c.' The table lists Brachygraphy characters in three narrow columns, each next to a wider column listing the accompanying definitions.
A table of shorthand symbols that stand for arbitrary characters

A black and white illustration on a book page. The illustration is of a man with a rounded face. He is wearing a white wig, necktie, waistcoat and jacket. He is smiling with mouth closed. His portrait is illustrated in an oval decorative frame. Beneath the frame are depictions of books, papers and a pen and ink stand. At the bottom of the illustration are the words 'Thomas Gurney' separated by a crest.
A portrait of Thomas Gurney, inventor of the Gurney shorthand system.

A printed title page from a book. The paper shows age staining. The text is surrounded by decorative curls mimicking handwriting flourishes.
The title page of Gurney's Brachygraphy manual

A page from a book. The paper shows age staining. On the page is a printed box divided in two halves horizontally. Above the box is the number two in brackets. The top box is titled 'Of the Vowels'. In it is writing in English and intermittent Brachygraphy characters. The bottom box is titled 'Arbitrary Characters' and contains two narrow columns of brachygraphy characters and their meanings in wider columns next to each. There are faint pencil markings in the top margin of Brachygraphy characters.
A description of how to represent vowels in the Brachygraphy shorthand system, as well as a list of arbitrary characters that begin with upper or lower case letters
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